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Criminal Jagoffs

Dumb Criminal Jagoffs

Mario here, is accused of leaving the sin-bin after being permitted to stay there and sober up. So how does he repay the police for setting him stay in “Hotel Cell-ifornia?”  He ALLEGEDLY… no wait… he DID take their unmarked police car that was running and sitting outside the police station front door.

He had 23 minutes, or so, of freedom and, no confirmation if, while he was out, if he took time to download the Uber app and try to become an Uber “Secret Service” driver.  Also, no confirmation on whether he tried to test his ability to pull up “just right” (not too far away and not too CeeLo-Green-arm close) to an ATM while he was out joyriding.

Well, Mario… looks like some more time in the cell.  On suggestion… the next time ya go to steal a car, jump in the back seat.  That way, it will be impossible for you to actually steal it and get in trouble.  And, if by chance it’s a police car AGAIN the next time, you being in the back seat will help out the cops a huge amount, Ya Jagoff!

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