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Parking Jagoffs

Driller? No, I Couldn’t… Her MOTHER Was There!

Have ya heard the old Vaudeville routine?
Person 1: “Hey, I heard your girlfriend came in from Maine, Bangor?”

Person 2: “No, I couldn’t her mother was there!”
So then, for this blog post, extrapolate that to:

Person 1: “I heard she works for Marcellus Shale stuff?

Person 2: “Yeah!”

Person 1: “Driller?”

Person 2: “No, I couldn’t her mother was there!”

OK.. that actually has nothing to do with this blog post other than the Truck of Jagoffery is a drilling company truck!

How to fix this?  Standard thinking of problem resolution: we’re just going to pitch that all parking lots be installed with REVERSE GUILLOTINE’s along all of the parking lines.  Basically, if your car is left parked over a line for more than 120 seconds… BOOM.. the REVERSE GUILLOTINE shoots up and cuts your car in half… long ways, cross ways…(if parked like the driller truck over 4 spaces.. basically, the REVERSE GUILLOTINE slices and dices the vehicle!!!!). Then you’ll have what equates to 3 Smart Cars that shouldn’t have ANY problems fitting inside the lines…. Ya Jagoff!


Thanks to Tim O’Ghoul on Instgram for being our Honorary Jagoff Catcher today.

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