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Parking Jagoffs

Don’t EVEN Know What To Call This One?

Alright here’s one that really gets us fired up. It’s from the Ingomar/Franklin Park area.  Not only is this driver a Peter Parker, he/she/it is taking up a handicap spot. What kind of a pompous, inconsiderate…well…ya know… realizes they are parked half-way in a handicapped spot and says, “Ahhh.. I’ll just leave it. I might have to load some 2 by 4’s later.”  Looks like someone missed “consideration class” in kindergarten.  OR, someone needs to spend some Jagoff Remedial time on Secret Agent L’s website!!!!

Maybe this driver was thinking that they didn’t want to end up on our blog so they didn’t pull COMPLETELY into the handicapped spot without a sticker! Think again!!!

What’s your excuse, just finished your 3rd Big Gulp of the day and really had to pee?!?!?!

Hey Half-in Harry, you didn’t even pull all the way into either spot!! What are your evaluation tools for “good parking?”

  • The car is touching the asphalt – CHECK
  • All four wheels are in the same lot – CHECK
  • The sunroof isn’t touching the ground! CHECK

Did it ever cross your very confused mind on who’s parking spot your taking? Obviously it’s someone who’s handicapped!!!  We would LOVE to see YOU spend a day in a challenged person shoes, crutches or wheelchair!!!  You’d probably be whining the first time your arse starts to ache from sitting in the same position for 90-minutes.  Are you by any chance the same person that uses the Handicap restroom stall cuz the handrails let you perform acrobatics while you hover over the toilet?

One thing we know for certain, if you’re a guy and that is how ya park, we’d hate to see where ya stand at the urinals…yuck!!! Ya Jagoff!

Thanks to Twitter Follower @Maria4Christine for being our Honorary Jagoff Catcher today!!

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