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John is the Jagoff

Jagoff Parking in Pittsurgh

Rachael is up again today with a little internal jagoffery.

Guys, we are not boasting, but not only are we proud to deliver the Daily Dose of Happiness in the afternoons with Kel OAir, but we get to chat it up with Eeeeeelista on Fridays in the morning regarding our favorite topic… Jagoffs!  

Yeah, even though our average age combined may be double Elista ‘s, she deems us cool enough to be experts in this matter. 

The best part? This week the jagoff might be John. I caught him parking completely inappropriately not once but twice. The first was a warning, I told him I was taking the picture in the Giant Eagle parking lot where he was fine pulling in on an angle that may have required two wheels to maneuver the vehicle. The next one, no excuses.  

We were not running late, there was not someone on or behind us, he just pulled in as if to say wow, I am really pooped for the day and think I will just park my car here. The good news is, he did not hit another vehicle, litter, or the ultimate no no which is park in the expected mother’s spot.  

John, take a minute to assess your space.  My concern is that there is a watchful eye on you, especially now that it is our duty to report the biggest Jagoff of the week. My hope is this write up serves as an example and your next parking attempt improves, Ya Jagoff! 

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