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#PeterParkers on the “H”

YaJagoff Podcast

Hey.. if you’re reading this before 10am Eastern.. turn on KDKA AM or, if outta town, tune into the KDKA News Radio on the RadioDotCom app.  John and Rachael are co-hosting with Larry Richert

If you look in the right column under DRIVING  or PARKING LOT JAGOFFS, you will see that we have offered many solutions including “bowling lane bumpers” for the parking impaired but, we think this isn’t really a matter of not KNOWING how to park.  It’s more of a “NOT CARING” how to park thing.

So to all you #PeterParkers, like THIS one, that don’t care about taking two parking spots, here’s what we are proposing to the Parking Gods – hire some of the guys that manage those North Side parking lots during Steelers games to work THESE lots during the week.  Ya know, those guys that charge $45 CASH for every spot you take?  We guarantee that will teach ya how to park in ONLY one spot because, at THAT rate, EVERYONE figures out how to squeeze their Winnebago-and-trailer-tailgate-wagon into a spot the size of a Smart Car, Ya Jagoffs!

This Jagoff pic presented by a regular Honorary Jagoff Catcher Oghoul on Instagram.

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