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Parking Jagoffs

Let’s Block a Crosswalk (Every Day)

Here’s the message that accompanied the above photo:

Here’s the lowest form of parking jagoff. Isn’t this illegal? This car is parked here every single day.

We’re not sure, but we love the SCARED STRAIGHT method of retraining #PeterParkers in these instances.  Just think of it, what if the crosswalk markings were actually steel bars that, with a push of a single button, would shoot up and down out of the ground, bouncing and flinging the vehicles that invade them illegally!!

And the best part would be when the driver tries to claim the damage on their insurance….”Well, how did this happen?  Were you doing anything illegally when the damage occurred?” … their response.. “Well, um…um… nevermind!”

Here’s what we are going to propose to Pennsylvania legislators…. make it a rule that, when there IS a car blocking a crosswalk, it’s okey-dokey if the people crossing, open up the side door, slide through, open up the other side door and cross safely to the opposite corner.  Imagine all of kids in the neighborhood sliding through that car’s back seat!  And when they go thru, are all permitted to have partaken in a tough mudder!!! And if ya have a wheel chair trying go get on the ramp, you’re permitted to repeatedly “accidentally” run your chair into the side of the car, like a bouncing PacMan, until the driver comes out to move it.

Stop parking in the I-can’t-find-another-spot-so-I-will-just-park-here-because-I-am-a-driving-diva spot, Ya Jagoff!!!!

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