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Dewey Got Dropped Shipped Some Dog Doo-doo

YaJagoff Blog Post Dewey DooDoo

Hmmmm… who does this kind of stuff?  Wait… what ADULT does this kind of stuff?  Wait…even more, who does this kind of stuff knowing full well that Post Offices have cameras now and use tracking stickers on packages?

We are about to find out because the poop package was able to be traced to its shipping point.. with.. of course, a photo of the s$@t shipper!

This story comes from KDKA-TV (no link at blog post time.)

Looks like the owner of Dewey Auto Body took delivery of a box full of dog poop that also included a phrase ending in the word jagoff!  Normally, we are quite proud of the use of the word jagoff but.. when it comes down to it being included in an anonymous doggy-doo-doo drop-off and an alleged adult doo-doo packer, well.. we can’t endorse it.

Hey Doo-doo-drop Dude!  Betchin’ that you’re gonna be one of those that, when you get caught, you say, “Oh my GOSH!!!  I swear I had one of those bags in my pocket when I left the house! I didn’t, so I threw it in a random box and then ACCIDENTALLY (allegedly) mailed it.”

Here’s what we think, if you’re caught, the penalty phase should include walking all of the dogs at the Humane Society and Animal Rescue League Shelter, every day for one week…but you have to walk behind them with your bare hand at their bottom ready to catch the droppings!  This, of course after the dogs have eaten bags full of Taco Bell bean burritos.

And, might we add, what really, really makes us angry, Doo-doo-drop Dude, ya need to learn how to spell the word jagoff! It’ not JAG OFF. It’s jagoff… Ya Jagoff!!!

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