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Parking Jagoffs

Catching Up On Peter Parkers

So we’re talking Peter Parkers  today.  And why not?  It’s better than talking about the Pens losing two games to the Jersey boys!!!

It just seems that there is nooooooooooooooooooo end to poor parking skills.  From the volume of parking pics we get, it’s pretty clear that the entire world needs to go through a parking class on some side street in Lawrenceville or Bloomfield while the rest of us shoot paint balls at their cars!

Oh wait….. these pictures above aren’t about people not knowing how to park….they’re more about people being IGNORANT!!!!

For example, this is the email message that came with the photo of the red Cadillac:

While parked at the Office Depot, not only was this Caddy parked like a jagoff…the young ”kid” who walked out of it wasn’t even handicapped!

We’ve certainly made a few suggestions here on how to get people to park more “neighborly” but it doesn’t seem to work.  Maybe we need pictures of the Penguins Brook Orpik painted on all parking spots.  One where he looks like you just called his mom a bad name!  That way, when people get out of their cars and look down, they are forced to stare into those beady eyes of #44 before they leave the car like that.

Wait no!  Lets just get bulldozers and …. ahhhh… never mind!  The insurance guy would HANG US for that!

All we have to say is, stop worrying about your hair, put the make-up and dental floss away, take the puppy off of your lap, throw away the McDonald’s bag full of loose fries sitting on your lap and take 10 seconds to think of someone but yourselves before you throw that car in Park, Ya Jagoffs!!!


Thanks to Rich K. (From Ohio, formerly from Alliquippa) and Derek P for being our Jagoff Catchers for today’s post!



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