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Catching Jagoffs in Perth, Australia


The world is not getting better at parking BUT the world is getting better at catching #PeterParkers.  This one is all the way from Perth, Australia.

As ya look at the cars, it’s almost like the “3 bears” of cars.. too big, too little and one in the middle “that is juuuuust right!”  But wait… the car in the middle is supposed to be the end.  In Austrlaian terms, this parking area was chockers but someone driving a gasoline-powered roller skate had to squeeze in next to the wall.

“Who cares about the parking lines…. I need a parking spot!”

G’day mate!  How about ya find a real parking spot for that thing, bloke.  Then again, we’re guessing that the proper place for that thing is the recycle bin…just not sure if it goes into the plastic, glass, metal or “mixed pile of crap” separating bin, YaJagoff!

Thanks to our friend dahn unda, and Steelers fan, @Beaup33p for being today’s Jagoff Catcher.

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