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Carnegie Mellon Admission Ooopsies!



About 800 other Carnegie Mellon applicants experienced similar swings of ecstasy and agony Monday – first rejoicing that the Pittsburgh institution had selected them for its master of science in computer science, then being told the acceptances were sent in error and that they had been rejected.

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Well, that’s a phone call or email to your family that has to be retracted.  Especially if ya sent one to your ex or to the kid that used to tell you how dumb you were in high school, or posted on his/her Facebook timeline touting your CMU acceptance. Oh, and the parents that headed to Starbucks just to pretend that they were on the phone, as they were ordering, talking loudly about, “Jamie just got accepted to Carnegie Mellon’s Graduate program.  You, know the place that has all of those smart computers and robuts?”

So listen, here’s MY deal.  I typically have an over/under of 3 typos in every blog post on here.  Sometimes I confuse their/there, your/you’re because of my lack of attention to detail.  So who am I…I mean.. WHOM am I…to make fun of anyone at CMU?

On the other hand, well, it happened and it made national news so…… this does set us back on the whole Uber-car-drives-itself confidence level…but, look at it THIS way… think of how many parents, or the students themselves, that were going to have to get 2nd and 3rd mortgages that now can just relax… while “that guy” from high school writes BACK on the rejected students’ Facebook timelines, “Oh, just wanted to say how SORRY I feel about your MISTAKEN acceptance at CMU. I hope things work out!

CMU… we fell your pain…write us if you need help digging out from looking stupid.  At THIS blog, we’re used to it, Ya Jagoffs (used in the endearing kind of way.)



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