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Parking Jagoffs

Bike Lane Jagoffery… from Indiana!

Welllllll now! Don’t we have a unique #PeterParkers pic here. You can’t tell because our Jagoff-estrator automatically blocked out the license plate, but the vehicle is actually an Indiana (state of) government vehicle.

Here’s what was posted with the pic on Instagram:

This is what cyclists call “a d— move.” There is clearly space behind the white SUV. 

Hey, the way I see it, bicycles are always being modified for better safety and performance but, I’m pretty sure there ain’t one, yet, that is designed to look like a pick-up truck!  Oh wait.. maybe that’s a bike DRESSED as a pickup truck for Halloween? If so, is that the standard “pick-up truck” costume or is that the “sexy pick-up truck” version? (because you know all costumes have a “sexy” version these days.)

Well, Gary-the-Government-Gopher-In-A-Pickup, the bottom line is, your truck should not have been squeezed into that little bike lane.  And since ya don’t seem to know how to read signs, here’s a pictorial reference as to what we mean…

Some things, like your pick-up, just aren’t supposed to go in certain spaces, like bike lanes, YaJagoff!

Thanks to @FitzpatrickJohnB from Indiana for being our Honorary Jagoff Catcher today.


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