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Parking Jagoffs

A True Pittsburgh Parking Jagoff!!

We still seem to have a bunch of Honorary Jagoff Catchers out there checking for “Peter Parkers.”  The inbox, Twitter feedFacebook and Instagram feeds are full of  ’em!  They continue to come from Hawaii, Minnesota…you name it.

But this one, is from our own back yard… the North Side.  Here’s the message that was with the photo on the Instagram post:

the white van is the van I’m driving. Person who parked in front of me is a #Jagoff

So the question is, did this person KNOW what they were doing and try to pin the white van in?  Or where they doing the in-the-middle-of-talking-on-the-phone-grabbing-their-backpack-looking-for-parking-meter-change-in-their-cup-holder-trying-to-press-their-remote-lock-and-get-outta-the-car-in-a-hurry maneuver?

Wait!  Maybe the person driving the SUV was interested in changing their car’s transmission on their lunch hour so left enough room in the front to drag in a transmission hoist!

Or, is it possible that this particular driver is used to driving a transit bus with one of those bike racks on the front?

FYI, we think it’s literally impossible to get out of your car, look at that parking job and say, “Yeah, that looks good!”

Sooooooooooo, Rubber-Baby-Bump-My-Bumper (see what we just did there), “space” is more than something that you “took up” in high school.  It’s what Mr. Van Guy would have appreciated behind your HORRIBLE parking job.

In the past, we have recommended to others like the Mr. Van Guy to which this has happened,  to go get a nice warm drink, sit with it relaxing on some bench across the street and, when you came back to your SUV, have them take their THUMB AND POINTING FINGER IN THE PINCHING POSITION, and  pretend to squish your head over and over from many angles like we were in 4th grade.

In the meantime SUV driver, Mr. Van Guy would appreciate it, while you’re there, if you can use your vehicle-back-up camera to check him for polyps.  You’re certainly close enough, Ya Jagoff!

Thanks to Instagram Follower, StreetMaterial03, for being our Honorary Jagoff Catcher today!

Suggestion… click the pic below to print of your very own Ya Jagoff Parking Tags.



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