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Neighbor Jagoffs

A Neighbor’s Lawn Care Habits

I received this photo along with this very funny tweet:  “@yajagoff my neighbor’s been whacking his weeds/lawn for 5 hrs. Ya think mowin weekly for 45min would be more favorable?” 

To be COMPLETELY honest, I had to take a look to make sure that it wasn’t ME and MY YARD!!!!  But once I saw that the grass was up to the guy’s knees, I knew I was safe.With the amount of rain we have had since spring started, it has been tough to keep up with grass cutting or “lawn manicuring” (depending on where you live) BUT this is about as behind in your grass cutting as Willie Nelson is in his IRS tax payments.

So, Mr. Gettin-my-shoes-and-socks-AND-the-bottom-of-my-shorts-THOROUGHLY-grass-stained, here are a couple of things from the Jagoff site authors:

If your grass got this high, you are working WAAAAAAAY to much!  Tell your boss you need some personal time!

If you have teenage kids in that house playin’ X-Box or watching Judge Judy, get their butcracks out there after school.

Maybe you should get a weed wacker with a BAGGER UNIT! (Maybe something with a DUMPSTER-sized bag)

If you find a wallet with money in it, it’s your neighbors.  He’s in his 30’s and he dropped it there shortly after his First Holy Communion!!!

“Mowing” is NOT a term that refers to you drinking all night with your buddies and you all end up slapping each other around  and poking at each others’ eyes like Moe Howard (Three Stooges).

Look at it this way, The Steelers and the NFL want ya to “Play 60” every day for health reasons.  Howzabout we use that play time to play Mr. Landscaper, YA JAGOFF!

NOTE TO MY NEIGHBORS:  Thanks for NOT turning me in to for my lack of lawnscaping this past week when I was sick and traveling.  I mowed through the swamp yesterday!!!!!

Special thanks to Twitter follower, @amswor, for being our Jagoff Catcher this week.

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