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A Double-Double Jag Catch

Jagoff blog Pittsburgh Podcast

Gotta love Mary Mac from Mary Mac’s Bakehouse. In addition to helping us with the YaJagoff Podcast Porch Tours since year one, she always has her eye out for jagoffery!

Check out this pic! We always hear about how the Subaru drivers are so thoughtful, kind, etc, etc. Maybe someone, maybe even a Prius owner???, borrowed their friends’ Subaru and parked it on the spot that is CLEARLY marked to NOT park there.

And then ya have that hitch? What driver or what SHIN is gonna run into that thing and, either have their car sliced open like a can opener or just have the worst shin pain EVER?

Sube drivers….would you dog be proud of you? Pick-up peep…. go find your boat!  Meantime, learn how to park… YaJagoffs!


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