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Parking Jagoffs

A Celeb #PeterParkers Catch!

Parking Jagoffs

Always cool when we get an assist from the news peeps around town! WPXI’s Cara Sapida is no rookie to this blog! Some of our previous jagoff posts attributed to her would be:

But THIS one… she jumped in a HUNNARD percent as she points out the #PeterParkers sitch in a local parking lot! The original message she posted with the pic on Instagram :If I was a true Jagoff, I would leave a note on the windshield.

And then she, of course aptly tagged us @YaJagoff !

Did this driver fail the spacial relations test in grade school, middle school, high school and in life?  When packaging leftovers, do you think they always misjudge the size of the container as compared to the amount of leftovers?

Perhaps one of those cars that look like a roller skate was parked there first but no one saw it til they slid in? Yes, the Fiat or Mini Cooper could have been there prohibiting a good park job,right? Plus, in all fairness, her co-worker Trisha Pittman could have given her a heads up, even on the DL that there was a parking traffic jam.  

Any scenario, thanks to Cara for the jagoff shout out!  I mean, do you know another news person who breaks into an almost downward dog split kinda move to prove that parking faux pas are a major pain in the arse? Not W-P-X-I, ya jagoffs!

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