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Criminal Jagoffs

$50K For Psychic Hotline Calls?

Oh? So that’s how we treat mom? Straight outta the Jeanette area.

From the WPXI story:

Westmoreland County Detective Ray Dupilka told TribLIVE that Terri Lynne Padgett’s mother suffers from dementia and Padgett has power of attorney over her mother’s assets, which she allegedly used to gain access to the accounts.

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So, from the $200K that she allegedly stole, she spent more than $5oK on calls to a psychic hotline?  I would have much rather have seen her spend the money on QVC or late night info-mercial purchases. At least those purchases most of us can relate to at some bad point in our life.  I think it might even be an acceptable legal defense.

Hell, Terri, I would have taken only $5K to look into your future! I mean, over $5oK… you’d think at least one of those psychics would have seen a set of handcuffs in your future. At least, with the $45K that you would have saved, you could have put a deposit on your bail, Ya Jagoff!

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