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Parking Jagoffs

The Car Kiss Jagoff

Bad Parking Jagoffs

Gidget.  The Blue Lagoon.  Grease. All beach favorites about the beauty of visiting the beach and summertime crushes.  Puppy love.  Summer kisses.  But no love is shared here, just maybe a car kiss?

The scenario goes like this.  Three families shared a beach house in New England. The rules were that two cars could be in the driveway and one car would need to remain on the street.  Not sure if the owners of this bad boy knew this or just wanted to be as close as possible to our tail lights.

I mean we were at the beach.  The place where spring flings become summer things and clearly this is for the metal also. I mean this car is kissing the ends of the one in font.  I get tight spaces and the need to remain close and tight so that parking works, but this is ridiculous.  Truly the epitome of a metal summer kiss.

The best part is that once we saw the beach parking car kiss, it became the household job to look out of the window to firsthand see the owner of the car kiss. Afterall, they would have to move at some point.  But like a stealth ninja, the car kisser did not emerge during daylight.  Nope ninja nope. He/she pulled away from the car kiss when no one knew. So there was no opportunity to beach shame the driver or ask what on green earth possessed someone to park that close to another vehicle.

Instead, we had to go about our beach days.  Summer lovin’ was over and we couldn’t even car kiss shame the owner or tell him next time the wooing needs to be a little more of a priority.  I mean it was the first night, yajagofff.  A true gent doesn’t kiss and tell.

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