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I Scream. You Scream. We All Scream For Ice Cream (Makers)

I heard about this story at a weekend graduation party.  I couldn’t wait to get to my computer to check it out.  I almost faked irritable bowel symptoms during the party so that I could sneak away to search it on my iPhone.

Donna Rosenberger went into the McCandless Township Target store to SUPPOSEDLY return two ice cream makers.  Not sure why somone would need two but, so be it!

Her story is: she didn’t like their return policy so she grabbed a baseball bat and started smashing the windows of the store!!!  But if ya watch the video from WPXI, I think ya get the drift that her story REALLY is that she’s a little “Cuckoo for Cocoa-Puffs!”  The fact that she was calling Howard Stern for help on this and not FAMOUS Pittsburgh defense attorney JIM ECKER is signs of total insanity.  She’s the perfect client for TV-haired Jim Ecker – crazy and guilty as @#!%.

I wonder what actually put her over the top – maybe it was the fact that the Target employee said to her “You clicked AGREE to our 2,354 page on-line return policy agreement back in 2009.  You should have taken more time to read the agreement thoroughly before clicking AGREE.”

And here comes what ticks me off the most about this story – THE TIMING!

Hey Donna, why did you have to pick NOW to use a baseball bat to bash in the windows.  The Pittsburgh Pirates are actually playing respectably and your timing gives me zero JOKE OPTIONS about them hiring you since you could actually HIT something with a bat, YA JAGOFF!

Thanks to “Fritz” who we met at the graduation this weekend and told us this story.  I don’t think Fritz knows that I write this blog but, that’s ok.  If ya know someone named Fritz who was at a graduation party this weekend, pass this along to him.  It just may be him and this story was worth the laugh!

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