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Yet Another “Jagoff Display” – Wilkes-Barre

Is it pronounced Wilkes-BEAR or Wilkes-BAR?

Either way, we have another wonderful jagoff display.. yes.. from Wilkes-Barre (however you pronounce it.) We completely love the creativity in this one.

Here is the email that accompanied the photo:

“Working in retail I see a crap ton of jagoffs daily! This is in Wilkes-Barre Pa Wal-Mart. (Also known as jagoff eagles area) Have a jagoff free day .”

It looks like it took some time, standing in the WalMart, to arrange everything so nicely.. maybe even taking a moment to stand back and stare at it like a famous artist and then make a tweak or two. Bottom line.. this was no rush job and, quite honestly, it brings a tear to the eye. It’s quite a touching piece of art. Stunning! It might be THE ONE!

Keep them coming! We will go until the end of the week and then we will vote for a prize next week for the best one!

Thanks B. Wolfe for the pic!!