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YaJagoff Pittsburgh Podcast Grandpa Joes Candy Shop

#YaJagoff Podcast

#YaJagoffPodcast: Sweet Treats and Chats from the Grandpa Joe’s Inner Sanctum

March 29, 2022


We went “treat-tasting” at Grandpa Joe’s Candy Shops in the Strip District.  The highlight was the blind-folded taste testing of ketchup pop and pickle pop game that Rachel Carlson mastered.  It might be the first time John ever gagged at podcast. Colin Williams, the new big kahuna of The Incline Pittsburgh, joined Rachael and John for a candy cigarette convo and then Bradley Evanovich rolled in with his Bon Jovi story and original music!

MUSIC: Bradley Evanovich




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Marshmallow peeps: stale or fresh?

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4:30    Chris Beers

Chris is the creator and owner of the Grandpa Joe’s Candy Shops. He not only has tons of candy, he has tons of candy stories and history!  Remember the Mallow Cup?  How about international candies that aren’t permitted to be manufactured in the United States? But the story behind the Grandpa Joe’s name is the best trivia he delivered.

14:53    Rachel Carlson

Rachael knows her way around a good time and her little blindfolded candy and treats tabletop game show did not disappoint.  Thankfully, she did not make the hosts sample the chocolate crickets! She has the lucky fortune of running the Grandpa Joe’s social media channels! Seems like a dream job.

24:25    Colin Williams

It was great when Colin, the new Director of The Incline, sat down with John and Rachael and immediately accepted their offer of a candy cigarette. It set the tone for some great casual conversation about his new role. Oh, and what’s this about his passion for embroidering?

39:35    Bradley Evanovich

Bradley entertained us at the secret Grandpa Joe’s inner sanctum table with his music. As a traveling healthcare provider, he uses music to meet and connect to his traveling peers. And then there’s the Bon Jovi Pittsburgh concert story! Dates and music at

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