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Coins For Pot? Hope it’s a lotta pot!

YaJagoff Blog

So, the Trib folks published a story about a teen who allegedly wanted to by some marijuana.  Not that odd of a scenario these days.  The problem is, he allegedly, used his family’s $1OO,OOO valued coin collection to make the purchase. See story on Yikes.. let’s use this as a math-teaching moment.

We “googled” the average cost of an ounce of marijuana in PA to be $6O per ounce. If ya happened to have $1OO,OOO, you could purchase 1,666 ounces or 1O4 pounds.. allegedly and approximately!  That is, of course, you dealt with a trustworthy coin hawker who would actually give you the full value of the coins!

Well, needless to say, the kid got caught and.. seems to have no coins and no marijuana… just a police record to show for his efforts.

Dude…ya should have just stuck to the old days and sneaked some alcohol from your parents’ liquor cabinet.  The ramifications are a whole lot easier then the cops.. YaJagoff!

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