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#YaJagoff Podcast

#YaJagoffPodcast: On Top of the World at Bayernhof Museum

January 11, 2022


The jagoffs uncover another one of Pittsburgh’s best kept secrets, the Bayernhof Museum. Immersed among unique music machines and ‘Burgh history, Rachael and John sit high overlooking the Allegheny River while chatting it up with expert museum guide and curator Jim Mousseau. Plus, features writer Josh Axelrod highlights his trendy, pop culture writing at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette while Jonathon Ray, A.K.A. Charles Hussle and aspiring music mogul, Aditya Sharma, “AD”, popoff with their thriving music ambition

MusicCharles Hussle 



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3:44    Jim Mousseau

Curator Jim Mousseau takes listeners on a one-of-a-kind adventure at Bayernhof Museum and its 19,000 square-foot mansion, along with 150+ music machines to gander throughout. Don’t miss a beat with some fast facts about Charles B. Brown, III and how the museum came to be into glorious existence. We can’t reveal everything about its uniqueness, schedule a tour at 412-782-4231. 

24:01    Josh Axelrod 

Features writer Josh Axelrod talks about his story pitches and journalistic thrills of interviewing some of the coolest people in the entertainment business like Milo VentimigliaJeff GoldblumMichael Keaton, and more. Movies, TV shows, media, and the occasional sports tweet, he dives in deep. 

46:13    AD and Charles Hussle

Jonathon Ray rapper Charles Hussle, and AD, Founder of LiveInColor discuss the ambition to everything they are doing in the music industry. Merchandising, marketing, video creation, nonprofit work and more, these Pittsburgh transplants reveal good eats from their hometowns and how they are bringing their own unique flair to their artistic beat 

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