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Flippin’ The Bird Jagoff

Every Monday we head to Rohrich Mazda on West Liberty Avenue, and every Friday we trek to Rohrich Toyota on the same busy stretch.  The reason for the map recap is perspective.  We know when lanes end and when merging needs to happen, blah, blah, blah.  But last week some J to the A-G off switched up our easy ride from the dealership. 

The sombit** pulled out in front of John…just like in the movie Dirty Dancing, nobody puts Johnny in the other lane, nobody.  But it is like the guy in the left lane knew Johnny was coming.  I mean he heard the long and drawn-out Honda CR-V horn and intentionally made the left lane drive through the Liberty tubes miserable driving under 20 MPH. As if the ridiculously slow rate and constant breaks weren’t enough, my man flipped the bird.  

But not everyone has a shotgun wingman like Rach. Quick hands Rennebeck snapped a shot of the bird flipping perpetrator who tainted the West Liberty Ave Drive and crawled through the tunnel like a tortoise. Change lanes appropriately and don’t decorate your van like a Stillers fan when driving 7 MPH, ya jagoff! 

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