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A “Junk Drawer” On Wheels

Jagoff blog in Pittsburgh

Came across this minivan loaded with more #$@* than a Kardashian news story.  It is loaded with metal things to the point that the back tires are nearly rubbing on the tri-colored fender.  If your kitchen’s junk drawer had wheels and a driver, it would look like this thing.  I’m sure there are a couple of unmatching salad spoons and/or long lost hold-the-corn-cob-stabbers laying in the bottom of that car.

Can you guess where this car was going?

Hint: Almost no where at the speed it was traveling and how low it was to the ground from the weight.

As it turns out, this driver was headed to the metal recycling company.

My thoughts?  Keep on driving and pull that ENTIRE car into the metal melter. With that weight and the recycle weights, you should be able to at least get a Smart Car that you can carry mattresses on top of by holding them with one arm while you’re driving Ya Jagoff!

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