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#YaJagoffPodcast: Getting’ Our Fill of Millvale Podcast

March 22, 2022


The jags stop into the Millvale Community Library and the Millvale chatter started with Ethan, a librarian who provided an overview of the library’s unique tool services, then onto Jen from Sprezzatura who educates us on St. Joseph’s Day. Abeille Voyante Tea Company owner, Danielle, dishes on therapeutic teas that benefit physical and mental well-being, while Alayna from Vintage 416 weighs in on vintage clothing and her store greeter bull dog. Fueled by witchcraft and crystals, Maude’s Paperwing Gallery co-owners embrace and provide mentorship regarding living LGBTQIA. At Caesars Alehouse & Eatery, Kevin talks about reopening a family establishment while Erika June provides the tunes and tools.




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What is the longest you kept a library book?

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3:44    Ethan

Ethan from the Millvale Community Library talks about the various services they provide. In the tool library, they have a group of people who assist with DIY projects with a system for borrowing tools they don’t have on hand. They’re planning tool library workshops for the summer, the first of which is on April 2 and is dedicated to rebuilding bat houses in partnership with the Etna Borough.

17:24    Jen

Everything served with Jen Saffron and her team at Sprezzatura is created from scratch in the restaurant’s kitchen at the former Moose Lodge in Millvale. She highlights Saffron and Sass, a monthly Facebook Live series hosted with  nutrition expert Leslie Bonci. Plus her library dues have caused financial stress.

32:20    Danielle

Owner of Abeille Voyante Tea Co., Danielle Spinola, will make you feel right at home, and has been since 2016, plus her teas are top-notch, too. She spills the tea on everything the herb-inspired, vegan shop offers, including John’s favorite lentil loaves. They specialize in sourcing and making delicious and therapeutic teas for the body and mind. Abeille Voyante and the Millvale Public Library are connected to each other, so you may have a hot cup of tea before checking out a new book!

43:54    Alayna

Vintage 416‘s owner is Alayna Gallagher, and her pink storefront is reminiscent of a child’s playroom of dress-up for all ages. With vintage clothes inspired from the 1920s-1990s, grab a garment for every day, stylish wear, or have a dress-up get-together! Expect a dinner and a fashion show to be held at Sprezzatura and Vintage416 on April 22!

53:48    Athena and Indigo

An LGBTQIA+ gift shop run by queer women, Maude’s Paperwing Gallery opened its doors in 2019. Athena and Indigo are two go-to-pros for learning more about witchcraft and can provide a breakdown on the stigma of the word “witch.” Additionally, their store is a safe haven for those who wish to express their sexuality, in addition to offering crystals, herbs, and cauldrons for sale. As for Harold, we hope you like haunted tales!

1:07:58    Kevin Donahue

The popular Caesar’s House from the 70s was reopened this year as Caesars Alehouse & Eatery thanks to Kevin and his team. Having a comfortable and appealing place to relax or meet up with friends is the perfect way to spend a night in the Millvale town. There will be a “Dance and Sip” event on March 27 when you’ll learn how to salsa while enjoying hors d’oeuvres and cocktails.

1:17:47    Erika

Erika June, better known as the “Saw Lady,” is a multi-instrumentalist from Brookline who sings and plays a variety of instruments including some surprises you could find in your own shed! Her act features a saw-played version of Amazing Grace. She performs with three bands, each of which allows her to showcase her impressive vocals and instrumental talents throughout venues in Millvale and beyond.

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