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Amazon Delivery – Safe or No?

Amazon Delivery fails

Nothing like a good windy road in Western Pa.  Nothing like a house, by itself on that windy road in Western, Pa.  And nothing like Amazon delivery to help ya feel a little more “connected” to the rest of the world .. when you live in an isolated house on a windy road in Western Pa.

But… should the Amazon delivery take place on a blind curve on that windy road?

This truck, could OF pulled into a shoulder spot about 5O feet ahd of where it stopped.  But nope! The drier stopped on the blind curve, and cautiously walked up to the house, which is off of the road a bit, to make the delivery, take a picture of the delivery and then walk casually back to the vehicle.  I mean, God love’em for being cautious and careful enough to put on the four-way flashers.

In the meantime, we all get to sit and ponder what was in the white, padded envelope that was just delivered.

Amazon.. we get it.. everyone depends on you now for deliveries but, holding up traffic on a blind curve doesn’t seem to be the most safe OR expeditious way for the rest of us. If we wanted to be an audience to your deliveries, we’d get one of those fancy doorbell cameras.. YaJagoffs!

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