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Merge-lane Jagoffery

Jagoff Drivers in Pittsburgh

We appreciate all of the mobile cameras out there.  From doorbell cams, to motorcycle helmet cams to dashboard and rear window cams on cars…. they are all making our blogging life EASY PEEZY!

We actually received a short video of this scenario taking place.

Car 1 with the camera, drives down a hill and starts to peel off to the right as outlined by the painted white lines.

Car 2.. which EVENTUALLY ends up in the photo, decides to run on up the right side shoulder and make their own merge lane.

Where did you come from Car 2?  You just decided on your own that your car was gonna try some off-road, or maybe, outta-lane driving?  Did you color outside of the lines when you were a kid?  When you’re at a busy grocery store, do you make your own check-out lane because, like your driving techniques,  your time is 14 seconds more important then everyone else’s YaJagoff?

Thanks to YinzLidz for the video and for being today’s Honorary Jagoff Catcher!

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