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#YaJagoff Podcast

#YaJagoffPodcast: Beer Can Opening Day at Mike’s Beer Bar

April 5, 2022


Mike’s Beer Bar hosted the Jags’ Beer Can Opening Day with a little wiffle ball action. Mark Ferrari starts the national anthem after Larry Richert and Kevin Battle take the first wiffle ball hit. Next up: Chris Miller from the Renegades of the Rotunda, Mike from Mike’s Beer Bar, YinzLidz gals with a line drive, followed by Donna, the bday girl and her Merry Widow friend, Jan. Then: Tressa Glover from Yinz are Good, comedians Collin Chamberlin & Ray Zawodni, beloved friends Jackie Page from Love Rocks Cafe and TJ the DJ. 93.7 The Fan’s Joe Starkey even chatted and batted! Thanks to North Country Brewing for the YaJagoff Beer, now available at PNC Park! Thanks to Mark Ferrari ALSO for the Seventh Inning Stretch!




Pittsburgh Podcast Rohrich Honda

Rohrich Honda is known for its vast showroom with a backup of vehicles in its warehouse in Bloomfield. But what about the pre-owned and certified used vehicles in inventory? With a click or a call, you can be up to date on how many of your desired make or models are available for purchase. As always visit for all of your vehicle needs.


Are you more of a crazy fan or the one laughing at the crazy fans?

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Larry Richert and Kevin Battle

A voice of an opening day legend, Larry Richert and Kevin Battle discuss Pirates Charities, an organization that promises to strengthen our communities through the power of Pirates baseball, focusing our passion and energy on child baseball and softball, military appreciation, mental health, and cancer support.

Chris Miller

Chris and his pirate pals of the Renegades of the Rotunda attend as many home games as they dress to impress as if they’re on their own parrot and pirate ship. Chris also hosts his own podcast, Thieves, Rogues, and Renegades, which celebrates history’s most notorious villains.


The jags were graciously allowed to hold the Beer Can Opening Day thanks to Mike, owner of Mike’s Beer Bar. PNC Park sits right across the street from Mike’s Beer Bar with more than 500 beers, 80 local taps and over 300 locally sourced bottles and cans to choose from. Just calll 412-322-BEER for reservations to check out the full list and specialty foods that Mike also offers.

Nikki and Nicole

Newly engaged and woman-owned, the YinzLidz gals specialize in customized, Burgh’ inspired gifts and are known as ‘Knick Knack’ in Cousin Lisa’s terms. In addition to Pittsburgh-themed engraved goods, the company offers a wide range of personalized products. (Like the koozies they supplied for the momentous occasion.)

Donna and Jan

It’s Donna’s birthday and her group of friends host the Merry Widows Podcast. They have more laughs than anything, but the podcast does have a serious side, too, but it’s all in good fun as Jan drives the designated, widow wagon, to wheel her friends around on their crazy adventures.

Tressa Glover

Tressa, podcast host of Yinz Are Good, is an actor in Pittsburgh that mainly does theatre, but currently has a role in “A League of Their Own”. She celebrates good things and good people on Yinz Are Good Podcast as a reminder that even in these difficult times, kindness, compassion and sincerity still exist throughout Pittsburgh.

Mark Ferrari

Singer/Songwriter Mark Ferrari sings “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” in the seventh inning stretch of jagoff wiffle ball. Teacher by day and singer by night, Mark Ferrari has opened for household names in rock/country music and more. He sings the Star-Spangled Banner and Take me out to the Ballgame with all the jagoffs in true team spirit. We need him to sing the National Anthem at a Pirates game, jagoffs!

Collin Chamberlin and Ray Zawodni

Collin Chamberlin and Ray Zawodni, both from New York City, have come to make you laugh in their native city. To keep up with the latest episodes of Ray’s new podcast, “Brand New Jerks,” just go to your favorite podcast app and search for it and while you’re at it, look up Collin’s  podcast, “Hell Gigs,” available to stream on any podcast platform, too. Don’t forget that Collin will be performing at the famous Caroline’s in New York City on April 26.

Jackie Page

You can get all the great food with some extra love at Love Rocks Cafe in McKees Rocks. As a bonus, you’ll always see some entertainment from Jackie Page herself while she talks about her acclaimed fried chicken from a recent competition and making big MOVES with her business- coming soon!

TJ the DJ

Every week, Rivers Casino hosts TJ the DJ, and he’ll also be crashing the Gateway Clipper this April. TJ the DJ knows how to handle a mixer better than a wiffle ball bat, but we’ll let it slide [on the dance floor] as you catch him playing great tunes and beats all around Pittsburgh!

Joe Starkey

Joe Starkey may be a better broadcaster than a wiffle ball hitter, but he is the best season sports broadcaster of all time. In the hall of broadcast fame, Joe Starkey stops by to talk about The Fan. 93.7 that answers your questions about sports, life and everything in between.

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