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Starbucks Toilet Jagoff

Pittsburgh Jagoff blog

If you’re familiar with the Greentree Starbucks, you know how cramped the store AND the parking lot is.

If you’re not familiar with the Greentree Starbucks, picture a Starbucks built into one of those Tiny Houses.  Like, so small that, when they steam the cream for the latte, espresso, cappuccino…. or whatever they put that stuff on…the guy across the room’s eye glasses steam up.

So, after my little meeting and smoothie drink at this Starbucks, I head to the restroom because I have a long drive coming up and, well, my mom used to threaten me with the fear of God if I didn’t “Try to pee” before we left the house. Just as I say goodbye to the person that I had met with, I see “a guy” heading to the single-stall restroom…he’s carrying a newspaper into there.. and he’s 5 steps ahead of me!   He’s going in there to do a “sit down!!!”

Are you kidding me?  In this little place….with a ton of patrons…he’s gonna go stink up the joint?

Dude…. I understand the ramifications of IBS and how things like a Starbucks lotta-crappa-lotta-with-an-extra-shot-of-caramel can run through ya.  But…have some class.  Do your sodoku and morning poo at home… or at work after you punch in (on company time).  Not in the tiny Starbucks, Ya Jagoff!

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