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#YaJagoffPodcast: Assembling a Great Podcast in Garfield

August 2, 2022


Creativity is taking up space at Assemble, a community for arts and technology.  The space was not short of writers, artists, singers or small business owners with big ideas including owner Nina Barbuto, M@C co-owners Kellen Campell and Shawn Allen, author Elizabeth Pagel Hogan, along with the Royce band accompanied by Ja’Sonta Roberts





Pittsburgh Podcast Rohrich Honda

Do you know what the letters MSRP mean? We usually hear it fast at the end of commercials, but Rohrich Honda takes them seriously since it means manufacturer suggested retail price. That means they don’t increase car prices to make a fast buck during a time of inflation, instead they sell cars and build relationships. Visit for all of your vehicle needs.


Are you a bougee water drinker and what’s the brand of choice?

5:22 Nina Barbuto

Since 2011, Assemble-founder Nina Barbuto makes the most of her space with after-school programs, summer activities, and out-of-the-box ideas to “make” things come to life, even if it’s Rachael making coffee in the morning. She talks about the creativity that excels at Assemble and the programs it offers while giving the most well-explained answer for bougee water! Learn more about Saturday Crafternoons, Assemble 21+ Nights, and how to get involved as a guest expert. 

14:54 Kellen Campbell and Shawn Allen

 Save up to 80% off retail prices with co-founders of M@C, a retail liquidator, by finding treasure in overstock items. They talk about the auctioning process, charitable contributions, and how they obtain various items that people often return from other retailers. Then they sell items starting at $1 with pallet purchases, top deals and more! Download the M@C bidding app and save money on just about anything from Apple products to even John’s love for Perrier water! There’s always something new coming into their 10+ locations. 

30:25 Elizabeth Pagel Hogan

Author and children’s book writer Elizabeth Pagel Hogan discusses her origins of becoming a writer which may or may not include plagiarism. Do you know what a myrmecologist does for a living? Learn how her passion for writing has flourished onto pages, the importance of female representation in the publishing industry, and how to get self-published in today’s realm of writing.  

43:38 Royce and Ja’Sonta Roberts

Reclaiming the sounds of their culture, and Ja’Sonta Roberts, also Assemble’s Off-Site Manager, showcase the inspiration for the music they make by incorporating Black Rock-infused soul, R&B, Blues, among many other genres into the mix, with thanks to Royce’s trip halfway around the world to find solace in his music. With Ja’Sonta’s off Broadway career and Royce’s meditation insights to Black Rock inspirations, there’s surely going to be a part two and three interview. 

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