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No SkyMall Mag?


Ok…. it’s been a while since I traveled on a plane. There have been lots of changes… masks, no masks, extra cleaning, less snacks, trouble staffing pilots, flight attendants, ramp workers.

On the longer flights, they have WiFi, they have TV, movies.. everything but pyrotechnics and juggling. But on the short flights like Detroit to Pittsburgh… none of that is available and that’s the go-to time for pulling out the old standard of inflight entertainment…the SkyMall magazine!  That magazine that is full of stuff that I don’t really need and cannot afford but come very close to purchasing on each flight like: the dog self-cooling bed, the WiFi weather station, tha 14.5 half foot outdoor inflatable movie screen, the deluxe inflatable water park, battery operated kitty litter pan and….. the ultimate… that large pool in which you can swim fake laps!!!

Delta… or whomever… all of our flights were on time, none were cancelled or delayed and the staff were fantastic… but where’s my SkyMall…. YaJagoffs???

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