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#YaJagoff Podcast: Couch conversations at the Andy Warhol Museum

#YaJagoff Podcast

#YaJagoff Podcast: Couch conversations at the Andy Warhol Museum

April 26, 2022


Conversations and iconic guests collide on the most popular couch in Pittsburgh nestled right in The Andy Warhol Museum. Director of The Andy Warhol Museum Patrick Moore highlights and hypes Warhol’s happenings and history along with Acting Eating Advice dietician Leslie Bonci, NEXTpittsburgh’s editor Brian Hyslop and Stephanie “Stevee” Wellons of Soulful Femme.

Music: Stevee Wellons, Soulful Femme




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8:29    Patrick Moore:

Everyone has come to sit on the iconic Andy Warhol sofa from Beyonce and Jay-Z to everyday visitors, thanks to Patrick Moore, director of The Andy Warhol Museum. He reveals the story of the couch, Warhol’s insights as a young artist, intertwined with Pittsburgh history, and arguably mentions having the largest collection of Warhol pieces and relics. Plus, the special exhibition Paola Pivi: I Want It All.

22:36    Leslie Bonci

Renowned registered dietitian Leslie Bonci of Active Eating Advice dishes up delight and sass as she provides nutrition tips and more on her quarterly appearance. From catchy phrases and realistic approaches to living a balanced life, she has the motivation to keep you healthy and more in news with Saffron and Sass, a Facebook Live series with Sprezzatura.

37:11   Brian Hyslop

Editor of NEXTpittsburgh Brian Hyslop’s enthusiasm for Pittsburgh shines through his work as an editor with more than 30 years of experience as a journalist. He sees the resilience and flow of small media making a difference as technology continues to change the landscape of journalism. Stay tuned for a new look on the NEXT website and find out what social media platform intrigues him most.

57:56    Stevee Wellons

Do you remember the Duquesne Beer commercial? Singing since a baby, experienced vocalist Stephanie “Stevee” Wellons of Soulful Femme talks about her most recent connection to Bridging the Gap with Byron Nash and Johnny Angel while also reflecting about her tour traveling in the U.S. with Tommy Castro & the Painkillers. She gives a spotlight on her colorful career while showcasing one of the Soulful Femme’s songs, “Set You Free.”

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