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Criminal Jagoffs

When Ya Just Should OF Walked Away – Criminal Jagoffs Can’t Help Themselves

Ya know that feeling when you feel sick after eating that fourth helping of Thanksgiving mashed potatoes and stuffing?  Or, despite your thoughts against it, you peaked through your fingers at a scary photo and then couldn’t sleep?  This is one of those I-knew-better-but-just-couldn’t-help-myself-stories!

My man, ol’ Steve Rago was at the Magistrate’s office for who knows what.  He was set to pay a $100 fine for that who knows what issue. He could OF walked away and had a nice night at home but…..that’s precisely when this turned into one of those  I-knew-better-but-just-couldn’t-help-myself-stories! Full story in Trib here.

He saw a wallet laying on the counter.  Took it.  Went to the restroom with it to take inventory and then came back out to pay his measly $100 fine with money from the stolen wallet! So that night, instead of going home, he spent the evening in the county jail facility.

Haaa… c’mon Ragu-Rago!  That’s kind of a ballsy or, wait for it…. “saucy” move!  Ragu-Rago didn’t happen to think that there might be a camera or two in that magistrate’s office.  Yep! Caught the entire thing on video!

WARNING: Musical earworm coming! “I always feeeeeeel that, somebody’s waaaaaaatching me!”

Well Ragu-Rago, have fun in the  I-knew-better-but-just-couldn’t-help-myself jail cell! Me thinks there are quite a few in their with similar I-knew-better-but-just-couldn’t-help-myself-stories! While in there, think of this…. what if you would have FOUND the wallet then returned it to its rightful owner with a meek and mild boy-scout look on your face? I’ll bet they would have given you a reward and, who knows, it might have even been $100.

Oh well.. shoulda-coulda-woulda, Ya Jagoff!

SIDE NOTE: For the rest of you who have internet access (unlike our jailed-boy Ragu-Rago now) try to figure out who sang the song, “I always feeeeeeel that, somebody’s waaaaaaatching me!” Anyone know it without googling?