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When WPXI’s Rick Earle Shows Up…

WPXI Parking Officer Blocks Ambulance

You know you have a serious sitch on your hands when Rick Earle shows up.  

I mean while Pittsburgh joined millions of other cities in Black Friday and Cyber shopping, we battled a first snow that brought up to eight inches of snow in some areas, and of course all while coping with remote learning, working, all the INGs.  Then Rick enters…yikes! 

Parking Authority officer just decided that it was time to stop and park to fulfill the job of ticketing a wrongdoer.  OK, this is part of the job description.  But the piece that becomes a jagoff move and begs the attention of Rick Earle is that the officer blocked an ambulance on the street.  Start the sirens, right? The officer was asked to please move so that the ambulance could get by, but the request and the potential siren didn’t do the trick.  

Officers are expected to move to a safe place and not block any streets when executing parking tickets, not cause gridlock and irritate drivers PLUS create a health risk by blocking an ambulance.  Again, for Rick to take scene, this is a big deal.  Especially since the whole incident, that happened in Oakland of all places, took place in mid-November and is only being mentioned now. 

Maybe this story could be avoided if in a smaller neighborhood, in a lesser-known area, without blocking an ambulance?   And for goodness sake avoid the wrath of Rickya jagoff! 

Full story here thanks to WPXI: 

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