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Parking Jagoffs

It’s a Work Vehicle “RAVE!”

This Peck of #PeterParkers came in from Instagram. This was the message with it:
This was what I pulled into this morning at work. An entire flock of Peter Parkers! My vehicle is the tan pickup with the cap. Notice that I have parked in the designated lines. Have fun with this!
Although this pic came in before last night’s debate, I’m pretty sure it reflects what happened inside some people’s brains as they envision themselves walking into a voting booth next month.

But even more so, I’m fairly certain it reflects the fact that some people learned to park at Kennywood Park on the bumper cars!

This place must be the most exciting place in the world to work because it appears that the employees just drive up in a hurry, park randomly and run on into work! Maybe they run in and are actually ticked off at the I.T. person because they’re computer is frozen and they CAN’T work.  Maybe they were all in a hurry to see who won the big football pool this week?

Hey.. one note to all of you who clearly don’t know how to drive…..when you get back in your vehicles to go home for the night, don’t turn your wheel all the way to the right to back up!!! It doesn’t really work like the bumper cars. But, hoping that your follow the painted road lines better than you did the painted parking lines, Ya Jagoffs!

Thanks to Riff the Voice on Instgram for being our Honorary Jagoff Catcher today! (His 2nd time)

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