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Parents That Are Jagoffs

Is The Legal Driving Age 6 or 16? (OOOPS! The Car-car Has A Boo-Boo)

This is another one of those, “WHAT MAKES SOMEONE THINK THIS IS OK” posts!!!!  You know, one of those “Awwwwwww, come on now” moments that my grandmother was famous for.  Apparently this lady has the only PA Drivers Guide with a typo in it!

You can click the graphic above for the WPXI version of the story but the summary is:

*  Rebecca Karen Beatty of the Ambridge area says, “Hmmmmm, that Jagoff parked too close to MY car and now I can’t get in.”

*  She then rationalizes to herslef that it’s PERFECTLY FINE to let her 6 year-old niece jump in the car and help ol’ Auntie Becky out by backing the car out of the parking spot (HECK, she drives the Kennywood Park Turnpike ride like a CHAMP!)

*  The end result was NOT the optimum result but PROBABLY the EXPECTED result – lots of damaged cars, an emotionally traumatized little girl and Auntie Becky proving why adults should need a license to take care of kids (smile for the mugshot Auntie!)

Auntie Becky – let’s think of a few alternatives to your decision that a LICENSED kid-handler might have made:

1)  Go and try to find the other driver

2)  Wait for the other driver (and while you wait you key their car)

3)   Call Triple-A or the local police for help

4)   Call Weight Watchers (but that would take to long so just slim down INSTANTLY with 3 XXL Grilled Stuft Burritos from TacoBell – there’s a reason why they’re on the EXPRESS MENU)

5)   Take a photo of the car.  Put a note on it notifying the driver to look for their car on then go into a Brighton Hot Dog Shoppe and have a snack until your able to get in your car!(BRILLIANT! See Previous Similar Post HERE)

We can just see it now when the niece is 16, “Hey Auntie Becky, remember that one time when….uhm….. NEVER MIND!”  And then there’s ten more years of “Mommy, can I go with Auntie Becky to….uhm .. NEVER MIND!” And you can just hear her at Kennywood Park, “Whaddaya mean I’m NOT tall enough to ride the bumper cars, I did this FOR REAL, buster!”  But it certainly makes for a great, “What I Did On My Summer Vacation” paper for the little girl.

Aunty Becky, if by any chance you are a dump truck driver, helicopter pilot or a bulldozer or crane operator, PLEASE stay home on “Take Your Child To Work” Day, YA JAGOFF!

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