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Driving Jagoffs

Why Do We Have To Know????


Yesterday, the photo below made it’s viral passage around the internet.  We got it from Pittsburgh Comedian Aaron Kleiber .  (You should click the link and follow him on Facebook.)

The comments were telling after we posted it on our Facebook page.  People clearly don’t like these things.  For us, we’re just not sure why anyone posts this stuff on your car.  Is it supposed to be the rescuer’s check list of who/how many they’re looking for if this family gets lost on a hike in the woods?

But, to each their own, UNTIL we received the pic for today’s blog from, well, she only wants to be referred to as “Hanna To La-git.”  No comments came thru with the photo but, we certainly have a few!!!!!

Is this the start of something new and HORRIBLE?  Do we think some farm folks from Butler County will do an entire line of cows or horses accross the back of their dual-wheeled-club-cab pick up?  And then, after a few go to the beef-line, they show a few of them as filet migon steaks?

Here’s what we’re hoping, this is the Haddad’s movie van taking kitty extras to the set of some reshooting of the Cat Woman scenes of the recent Batman movie.  If not, this van paints an ugly picture of home life.

Hey Cat-woman-do, (kind of a play from Kathmandu) we appreciate your love of cats, ESPECIALLY if you’ve rescued them.  On the other hand, please don’t be offended if we never visit or if we never eat the homemade cupcakes or pies that you bring to work, cuz, we guarantee, one of those 12 cats has roamed across the table during the baking process or, even worse, has licked the batter.  And if you’re looking for a date, it’s probably better to show that you have 12 kids than 12 cats.

By the way, showing off your family roster on the back of the minivan or SUV is one thing BUT, telling everyone that you have  12 cats, simply says, “My house smells like cat pee.” Ya Jagoff!!!

Thanks again to Twitter Follower, Hanna Two Lagit, for being our

Honorary Jagoff Catcher for today!


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