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Which Jag is the Bigger Jagoff?

We have already told the story on the radio. We mentioned it on the podcast.  But did we put it in writing and tell you that we have pics to prove it?

This becomes a classic case of who is the bigger jag, John or Rach?

The jags had a rental car and were on multiple calls while driving and preparing for that night’s radio show. Two key notes: rental car and multiple calls.  (Jag code for distraction.)  This means neither jag noticed the bright notification for the need of gas on the dashboard, nor was a ding heard.

Fast forward to the scene of the crime: Route 51. They stop at a light at rush hour and no more movement.  Not just any light, though, the one at the tunnels and the all important turning lane right at the most major intersection on 51. John had to push Rach to the island to get off of the road.  We can’t make this up.

So, who is the bigger jag? John for not being aware of the signals for gas? Rach for taking pics of John running across 51? Yep, it is a #jagbracket, yajagoff! Happy Mondee!


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