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What The Toll Road Situation SHOULD Be!


So I’m driving on the Ohio Turnpike and there’s some construction and I have time so I think.

Is it really fair that, when I have multiple single-lane, speed-reduced, slalom cone and barrel courses, that I have to pay the full fare on the turnpike?  I mean, when retail agencies have customer inconveniences, don’t they offer incentives, i.e. discount, as a way of saying, “sorry for the inconvenience?”

Yesssssssssssss I realize there has to be road maintenance and I get that there will be some kind of inconvenience and delay.  And another yessssss… I must decide not to always leave late to everything so that, when these construction activities happen, I’m not yelling at everyone about how late I am about to be.

But……how about a little “Pardon our mess, thanks for visiting, yes, we realize we have you by the virtual testicles but we’re gonna think of you as our customers for once”  inconvenience discount on my EZ Pass.  If I knew I was getting a discount, I might even wave to the construction people with ALL of my fingers, not just the middle one, Ya Jagoffs!



Last night I put all of the names of those who commented on yesterday’s blog into my STANKY old Pens Stanley Cup ball cap. 

The drawing was independent of the opinion expressed.

Our winner of the iTunes Gift Card from yesterday’s blog is Natalie Stadelman

Natalie, email us at YaJagoff(at)verizon(dot)net with your address.  Use BASEBALL as the subject line.