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What Is a Speedbump When It’s Not a Speedbump?

YaJagoff Parking

This seriously MIGHT be the funniest, oddest “Peter Parker” Jagoffery yet!!!!

This is the note that came in with the photo:

This car was parked between 2 speed bumps, 2 stop signs and in a crosswalk at the K-Mart in North Versailles!!!

Wait!  Let us describe what you’re seeing just in case you do not get the outrageousness of it.

This car is LITERALLY parked in between two speed bumps.  Speed bumps that make you stop, at the STOP SIGN that you see, to protect you from hitting cars coming from your left and right on the driving lane.. WHICH JUST HAPPENS TO BE WHERE THIS CAR IS PARKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Haaa.. haaaaa…..haaaaa… (SNORT)…haaaaaa…haaaaaa….(TRICKLE OF PEE LEAKAGE)…..haaaa… (INADVERTANT FART)….haaaaaa (SNORT)!

It looks like this driver took us up on the concept of using “bowling bumpers” to help Pittsburghers park inside the lines.  On the other hand, they have no idea how to figure out the difference beween a “parking line” and a speed bump.  Hey, given that you PARKED on a thru-way, we’re guessing you ALSO are one of those drivers that tries to cut of .000000000521 seconds of driving diagonally through the parking lot just to miss an intersection.

Haaa.. haaaaa…..haaaaa…  (INADVERTANT FART)….haaaaaa…(SNORT)…haaaaaa….(TRICKLE OF PEE LEAKAGE)…..haaaa…haaaaaa (SNORT)!

Guessing that K-Mart isn’t too busy.  So NOT busy that people don’t notice any cars driving and therefore have no idea where the driving ends and the parking begins.  Sort of like the mystery behind those edgless pools!

Hey Funniest-Peter-Parker-Ever, one way to look at it is, WE FINALLY FOUND SOMEONE WHO COULD PARK STRAIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Unfortunately you just happened to park IN THE MIDDLE OF A ROAD, Ya Jagoff!

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