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What in the H????

YaJagoff blog #PeterParkers

What in the H_ _ _ is happening here? Before we get started on the rant, just wanted to let yinz all know that the car was NOT designated as a handicap vehicle.

The car is actually parked perfectly between the lines!  Text book… except for the lines underneath the car that designated the spot as a non-parking space!!  So, guessing that it’s good that they didn’t take one of the handicap parking spots but it’s gonna be kinda tough if they DO park there and have to get out a wheel chair or scooter!

To this, My-time-and-life-is-more-important-than-everyone-else-Including-those-that-are-physically-challenged-and-may-need-one -of-these-spots-But-I’ll-justify-my-actions-by-telling-myself-that-I’m-only-gonna-be-a-few-minutes driver…. running late for your hairdresser appointment or being in a hurry to get back to work on your lunch hour or just taking “a minute” to change your laundromat load IS NOT the definition of “handicap” Ya Jagoffs!

Thanks Tom H. for being today’s Honorary Jagoff Catcher!


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