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We’re Playing “Jagoff or Not?” Today (Alvarez Home Run)

Alvarez Home Run, River, Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Pirates, Jagoff, Jagoffs

Today let’s play “Jagoff or Not?”

So, there’s this guy…..(you know how those stories start off like that in bars?).

Pedro Alvarez hits a home run in the Pirates vs Twins game the other night.

In the fourth inning, Alvarez smashed a 461-foot solo home run that landed in a boat docked outside the park. It was only the third time someone has reached the Allegheny River on the fly since PNC Park opened in 2001. – Full Story, KDKA-TV

Given how infrequent home runs have been from Pedro Alvarez, this ball could be extremely valuable at some point but there’s no confirmation that the guy who grabbed the ball from the boat knew it was Pedro-nobody-even-tries-to-intentionally-walk-me-anymore-Alvarez.

Either way, I gotta say I like the boat owner guy who uses the word jagoff. But I’m not taking sides here.

So, what do you think, is the guy who took the baseball a Jagoff or not?  Comment below.


All answers are eligible to win a $25 iTunes card.  


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One comment per person.

Winner will be determined via raffle by pulling names out of may nasty, STANKY, old Penguins ball cap.