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Went to the Post Office and…..(It was my fault)


Spoiler alert….. I am the Jagoff …because a waited until YESTERDAY to mail some packages. But…..

Before I rant, the people at the North Side Post Office customer service desk are always great when I take in my YaJagoff t-shirt packages.  But THIS day, there was a machine and a Supervisor in my way.  Both of whom were supposed to be in place to “make things easier” for the customers during the Holiday shipping rush.

I have two boxes to ship.  One is in a one-price-ships-all USPS box and one is in my own box.  My expectation is that this is going to be expensive because I am late at shipping them.

I get in line to see the the customer peeps with my boxes.

Ms. “Super” Visor says, “If you are shipping with a credit card, come out to our automated machine, I can help you and save you time.”

(I get out of line and follow her)

We review my intentions, put the one-price-ships-all USPS box on the scale, put in the address and then it tells us that the 2-day shipement will arrive Friday, not 2 days from now (Wednesday) and certainly not Thursday (Christmas Day).

Ms. “Super” Visor says, ” Well, I don’t know why it says Friday. We are all working Wednesday. I think it should be Wednesday if its 2 day shipping.”

(We discuss and eventually she suggests that, if I want it there on Wednesday I should choose Express Mail)

We go back through the process and the package is now $36 more to ship.  Oh well.  My fault for being late.

We swipe my credit card to pay and hopefully move on to my second box and the machine rejects my credit card.

(This confuses Ms. “Super” Visor)

She suggests that SHE restart the transaction, does so, and again, the machine rejects my credit card.

I ask if the machine accepts American Express.  Ms. “Super” Visor says, “I don’t know.”

I mention that the counter peeps accept AMEX since I have used it before so she suggest that I get back in line, i.e the line I was in before she offered to make my experience more convenient.

I get in line which was not unreasonable.

I get to the counter and proceed to process box number 1 which is the one-price-ships-all USPS box with a Priority Express sticker (assuring pre-Christmas delivery) on it which was taped to the box by Ms. “Super” Visor.

The guy at the counter, who is always patient and kind says, “You can ship in that one-price-ships-all box with the Priority Express sticker on it.”

I say, ‘Ms. “Super” Visor put it on there.”

Hey says, “She doesn’t know what she’s talking about.  We can’t ship that.  If you want Priority Express mailing, you need a Priority Express mailing box.

(He suggests that I step out of line, repackage box #1 and then come back to him without waiting in line.)

Guess what??  There were no Priority Express Mail boxes in the lobby and no Ms. “Super” Visor to be found.

Ok.. you’re getting bored reading and I am getting irritated by reliving this so let’s bring this to and end.

I finally bought ended up purchasing one of those high-end-you’re-stuck-here-so-we-are-gonna-gouge-you boxes.  Put my box inside of it, pulled out my pocket full of packing tape, scissors and sharpie marker and prepped that god-forsaken-mother-lovin’ box for shipment.


New writing on my bathroom mirror, “Get your SHIP (ment) together EARLY, YaJagoff!!!!!!!


Merry Christmas everyone.