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Parking Jagoffs

A Parallel Pair of #PeterParkers

Welp…..there ya go.  A Pair of Parallel #PeterParkers Picked a Place to Park Prohibiting Physically Plighted People and now they have no room to park properly!

This is what was posted on the YaJagoff Facebook page with the photo:
Two star crossed lovers were so anxious to see each other that neither could stay within the lines. More’s the pity for anyone with a handicapped accessible van. Jagoffs!
Thanks to your head-up-your-ARSE parking methods, unless a handicapped driver has their skinny jeans on, with 2 pair of SPANX underneath, has been on a hunger strike for the last 1,201 days and is the new physically challenged Transformer character called named “Coat Hanger,” ain’t NOBODY gonna be able to park in the H spot, Ya Jagoffs!!!

 Thanks to Facebook Follower Blair U for being our Honorary Jagoff Catcher today!

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Click the pic below to print of your very own Ya Jagoff Parking Tags.