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Halloween Jagoffs

Trick Or Treat, Smell My Feet, Give Me Something Good To Eat…This Weekend That Is Ya Jagoff! 

Halloween Jagoffs

Rain, rain go away.  Come again another holiday…NOT HALLOWEEN!  I mean, we can throw out all of the puns, jokes, jabs about postponing the holiday that epitomizes childhood.  Rain could have easily postponed Thanksgiving, we are all inside stuffing ourselves, and what is next, no Christmas snow no celebration? Just saying, Scott Harbaugh and Mike Holden are perplexed as to the no Halloween tonight call.  Guys, what about the flip side? This decision is affecting more than just the kids.  What about…. 

  • The neighbor who wears her house coat and sits on her porch reminding passersby to check their candy for the bad stuff.  What happens to her? 
  • The dude who bought the box of popcorn balls during the after Halloween sale last year will not be boasting of his deal to anyone!  Plus, the change is delaying his purchases for this year! 
  • The Target stores who now have a surplus of ponchos! 
  • The one-use umbrellas at the Dollar Store that were supposed to be cleared to make room for the Hanukah wrapping paper. 
  • The pizza shops who called workers in to tackle the abundance of calls to satisfy the unsaid no cooking on Halloween rule. 

But most importantly what about the parents?  There is now no excuse to leave work early, and it foiled plans on an easy/quick dinner.  It ruined watercooler talk about putting together the best costumes. We now have to rearrange plans for the weekend when trick-or-treating will resume, and forget posting Halloween 2019 pics—not happening until the weekend, which kind of doesn’t count.  

So, don’t forget and start bell-ringing tonight. Rest-up your pricked fingers and glue gun burnt thumbs, the door-to-door stuff isn’t til the weekend, ya jagoff!  

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