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It’s a Thursday PeterParker Day


Yeah…. kinda missed the lines there!

This was the email we got with the pic from the West View area:

I caught a peter parker in action in West View. They went the wrong way up the lane and pulled in. I thought “they’ll straighten out.” Nope.

It’s awesome…. we now have people who sit and wait for people to park like #PeterParkers! Can ya just picture today’s Jagoff Catcher sitting in his car….watching this SUV coming down the wrong way saying, “Oh wait, honey… I know you’re having (insert any type of medical emergency) but I know that this driver is going to pull off some Jagoffery and I need to capture it!”

OK…I totally made that entire scenario up but it is cool that they waited to snap this pic.  If I was there, I would have stayed on the scene to, when the driver got out, pretend like I was squishing their heads between my thumb and pointer finger like I was in third grade! It’s way safer and the legal bills are less than actually confronting someone face to face!

Hey Jack-la-WRONG-lane… have fun in the tobacco shop.  I know, if you had to park that soccer-parent vehicle in a Heinz Field lot on a game day at $50 a spot, that you would have parked that thing inside of a spot the size of a Kleenex box!  And, with the way you follow arrows, good luck when you get to the Ross Park Mall escalators during Christmas shopping crowds….you’ll think you were trying out a treadmill at Sears, Ya Jagoff!

Thanks to Randy for being our Honorary Jagoff Catcher today!

BTW, feel free to print out our free parking notes to have on hand for when you see bad parking. Click the graphic below to get to the print page.