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Those Sneaky Pins – a Poem!!!


On Monday.. or MONDEE as we say in Pittsburgh, I posted a blog about those nasty pins in dress shirts.  But then, AJ of AJWrites57 put this poem together and I just had to post it!  

Please share after you read it!

Those sneaky little pins,
they put in skirts and shirts,
are just like little sins,
they prick ya and they hurt.

They keep the folded clothes,
in stacks nice and neat.
They make uniform rows,
like bus lines on the street.

But when ya open them up,
those pins will jag ya if you linger.
Ya swear and moan and cuss,
shake and suck your bloody finger,
Ya make such a silly fuss,
and ya yell:

“Ya Jagoff”!

Follow A.J. on Google+ and check out his blog,AJWrites57.


He’s awesome!

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