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The Wheels on the Bus Don’t Make Good Lefts

YaJagoff Blog - Bus Left

Okay so I never knew what a Pittsburgh left was, so I googled.  ICYMI too: Wikipedia states that the Pittsburgh left is a colloquial term for the driving practice of the first left-turning vehicle taking precedence over vehicles going straight through an intersection, associated with the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, area.  Okay. So this?

Quite honestly, not sure how it happened. Tom Harbaugh posted this beaute early in the week and speculative possibilities included: The bus driver breaking quickly for a Mancini’s stop, perhaps a hankering for a Ricci’s sausage samitch, even a possible shortcut to not get stuck in the damn construction that starts in Neville Island and ends somewhere on Brighton Road, or maybe not.

It can’t be possible that this bus operator found it conceivable to turn left down what looks like an alley.  I mean the context clues surrounding the pic point to some kind of vehicle malfunction because the street is too small to fit a large SUV let alone a bus, and a building is right there.  I mean where was he going and was there a Pittsburgh left sitch?  And the vehicles, including the police vehicle, gives way to amazing captions.  What the? Who the? Or how ab out, learn how to drive a bus, ya jagoff!

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