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Survey of the Week

The SATURDEE Survey: Pens Jersey Choices


This is the YaJagoff SATURDEE Survey (i.e, The Saturday Survey for non- Pittsburghers)

We’ve all done the “Wilma or Betty” and “Ginger or MaryAnn” stuff and the NEW version, Abby or Ziva.  So here’s one:

Penguins Standard Blue Jersey or Penguins Winter Classic Blue Jersey? (Comment Below)

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  • North Country Brewing

Normally we save the “Yakkin” verbiage for the Wednesday Yakkin’ With YaJagoff videos but…. As you well know the Rolling Stones came to town...

    Hey Mother Nature, It’s time for the Winter Classic – ya know, kind of a “Chamber of Commerce  Moment.” It’s s’posed to be SNOWING not raining,...