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The Steelers First Draft Pick



Welp…. now we know what we’re all gonna talk about on talk radio, social media and at the office today.  I guarantee there’s someone at the office that brings up this topic 7.5421 minutes after getting to their cubicle or desk.  Some might not even make it to their desk.

“They should have taken a…..”

“They don’t need an outside line backer as much as they needed a….”

“Oh… he’s gonna start

You get it.

But this is a Friday and it’s about the be the nicest 3 days in a row that we’ve seen in months.

So, feel free to just respond with, “I love the Steelers and the black and gold Friday Jeans-Day-Crock-Pot Lunches as much as anyone but…it’s a beautiful Friday out there and…I just wanna get outta here early today Ya Jagoff!”